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Inline Cutter & Granulator

Sep 22 2021

Looking for a reliable cutter or granulator for different materials and applications? Just get in contact with us: +49-7961-93160 or

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Customer Story: SMI Coated Products Ltd.

Aug 23 2021

SMI was set up in Daman in 1993 on a 750 sqm industrial plot and is now operating out of a 25,000 sqm plot with a 13,000 sqm shopfloor, converting 1,350 tons of paper monthly with seven coaters.

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Customer Story: Speciaal drukkerij Max. Aarts B.V.

Aug 02 2021

Specialist Printer Max. Aarts extends its existing CB-1000.2 waste extraction system

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Customer Story: Etiketten-Becker GmbH & Co. KG

Juni 30 2021

Since more than two years Etiketten-Becker operates two different inline cutting and extraction systems: CB-100.1 & CB-1000.1. Please click here to read more about this project.

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Customer Story: DERSCHLAG GmbH & Co. KG

Apr 15 2021

DERSCHLAG GmbH & Co. KG installed different All-in-One systems for their slitter and die-cutting machines.

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Customer Story: CTA GmbH

März 05 2021

CTA GmbH in Ludwigsburg (Germany) successfully recycles the liner waste with a waste extraction system CB-100.1 from MATHO.

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