Customer Story: Etiketten-Becker GmbH & Co. KG

Juni 30 2021

The Company

BECKER print // design located in Murrhardt (Germany) is a diverse provider of print products that leaves nothing to be desired with its extensive range of products. They produce more than just classic plant labels. The company was founded in 1932 and has continued to develop since then. With 90 employees and a permanent base of temporary and warehouse workers, every feasible form of labels, posters, brochures, catalogs, advertising material and sales promotions for the plant is produced on a production and storage area of ​​7,000 square meters and the industry produces. The owner is Mr. Markus Fleschmann.

In 2018 Etiketten-Becker was looking for a new waste extraction system which cuts, conveys and collects the trims of their production lines. The requirements were that the units need to be silent in operation, free of dust and capable to handle their trim waste. Moreover the reduction of dust volume was also a main topic in this project.


The Customer Statement

“Since we got the waste extraction systems in early 2019 we are able to manufacture our labels approx. 30% faster, as the former problems with the standard winding system are gone. Additionally, we are also able to purchase our raw material narrower which gives us ecological and financial benefits, of course. We are very satisfied with the systems also in terms of reliability, performance, service and technical assistance through Printcon & MATHO”, Markus Fleschmann stated.


The Solution

The scope of supply covered a CB-1000.1 system for 5 production lines and an All-in-One solution CB-100.1 for the 6th production machine. Both extraction systems are equipped with frequency converters to control the fan power stepless. Additionally, both systems are prepared to bring Etiketten-Beck to the position to make a material separation.

All trim waste materials get cut directly after capturing them, conveyed by a fan and collected in PE-bags.

Each of the trims has a width of approx. 40 mm and consists of mono foil, which is a very abrasive material.


The Benefits

  • Volume reduction by shredding the residual material using a cutter positioned in the pipe system
  • Very low noise development
  • Reduction of machine downtimes
  • Possibility of recycling through sorted material collection in different PE-bags
  • Reduction of trim width to a minimum necessary
  • Higher production speeds

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