Customer Story: MRE Mehner & Rust Etiketten GmbH

Okt 18 2019

The Company

In 2002 Heiko Mehner und Klaus-Dieter Rust founded the print shop in Lichtentanne (Germany). In October 2019 MRE has taken in operation an inline cutting and waste extraction system called CB-1000.1.

The system cuts and extracts the 6 edge trims from 3 finishing machines. All main components are already prepared to handle the trim waste from a fourth machine.

The Solution

• Extraction system with integrated cutting called CB-1000.1
• Bag volume to store the cut waste: Big Bag
• Trim-Cutter-Module TCM-160 (Trim-Cutting-Module)
• The extracted air will be filtered and then returned into the factory
• An enlargement of 1 additional finishing machine is already part of the installation.

The Benefits

Thanks to the integrated cutting unit inside the waste extraction system, additional stops for the bag emptying process could be reduced dramatically. At the same time higher machine speeds can be driven. The associated increase in productivity and material savings and/or waste reduction/resource conservation was an important decision factor for this investment. The central collection of cut strips thus creates a sought-after material for later recycling.

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