Customer Story: Speciaal drukkerij Max. Aarts B.V.

Aug 02 2021


The Company


Specialist Printer Max. Aarts is a UV flexo rotary printing company with head office in Enschede (The Netherlands) which prints banderoles, self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions! Due to this unique amount of production possibilities, they have a very diverse customer base. Their products are almost always made individually according to customer requirements. Specialist printer Max Aarts compies with all major standards in the sector. Specialist printer Max Aarts is BRC AA HIG Hygiene and FSC certified. All work, from prepress to the end product, is carried out in-house. As a result, the hierarchies are flat and communication with the customers is direct. Specialist Printer Max. Aarts has been exercising its corporate social responsibility for years. They have actively contributed to responsible forest management by only working with suppliers who are FSC certified. Specialist Printer Max. Aarts itself is also FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization that stimulates sustainable forest management.

Specialist Printer Max. Aarts is part of Optimum Group™. Optimum Group™ is the leading Northern European label printing group with operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Germany with 15 member companies.


The Customer Statement


The up-grade of the Matho system has been implemented flawless. Only a few hours production stop were required so that the Matho engineers could swap the exhaust fan as well as the exhaust piping. Given the available space for the engineers to work (the exhaust fan & sound insulation box are positioned in a separate room) this was a first-class job! Not a single negative comment from the Matho engineers – they just wanted the job to be done. Next to the extension of the exhaust system, 2 oilers have been replaced to the latest generation. Also here: plug and play!


The Solution


Max. Aarts already had a central extraction system CB-1000.2 since 2010. This system cut and conveyed the waste from two matrix machines and one edge trim machine. In 2021 Matho extended it to one additional matrix machine and another edge trim machine.

For this expansion it was necessary to increase the fan drive power from 7.5 kW to 15,0 kW and to adapt the pipe system including the pipe diameters. This also enables the system to be expanded to include a further production line in the future. The waste materials are shredded using cutter modules, sucked off with a radial fan and collected in two 1000l big bags. In order to guarantee an energy-efficient solution, the system was equipped with a frequency converter for stepless adjustment of the fan output.


The Benefits

  • Volume reduction by shredding the residual material using a cutter positioned in the pipe system
  • Very low noise development
  • Reduction of machine downtimes
  • High machine speed during the slitting / rewinding process

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