Customer Story: Logett GmbH

Jan 20 2020

The Company

Austrian label converter Logett GmbH installed in the lovely area of Vorarlberg, south of the Lake of Constance, a new central waste handling system from MATHO. Since its founding in 1998 the company grew with an impressive speed to a well-known supplier of self-adhesive labels especially for the logistic industry.

The Solution

In 2011 Logett moved from its old factory to a new modern state-of-the-art facility and integrated in one step the new central system. The system includes the cutting and extraction equipment for four matrix machines and the possibility to enlarge the system for two additional printing lines in the future. Furthermore an air return system was also installed till the beginning on the top of the already existed press container.

In December 2019 Logett added the 7th machine to its central waste extraction system from MATHO. Logett is an incredible success story and we are very proud to be their partner. Thank you very much for your trust in our products and in our company.

The Benefits

Before the installation Logett had to empty their container every single week. With the Matho system the container service provider has to collect the same only every second month.

Mr. Pichler stated that there is much less dust in the factory, which improved the quality of the labels dramatically. Another result is the doubling of the machine speed while extracting and cutting the self-adhesive matrix to the maximum possible of the die-cutting machines (250m/min.).

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