New series CB-2000.1 & CB-2000.2

Apr 07 2021


The CB-2000 product family incorporates different inline cutting and extraction systems for non-adhesive and self-adhesive edge trims, die-cut pieces or matrix from a single production line up to machine groups.

The unit can be delivered with one 2000l PE-bag, two 2000l PE-bags, a roll container/bin or an octabine as collection device.

Single Parts

  • Machine frame for the material separator
  • Cutter and Cutter modules
  • Transportation fan (power frequency controlled)
  • Piping silencer
  • Electrical control cabinet incl. frequency converter
  • Material separator according application
  • Filter plates with filter class G4
  • Pipe system


  • Oil spray system
  • Anti static system
  • Gate valve for bag changes
  • Endless bag
  • Ultrasonic-reflex feeler
  • Professional dust filter system
  • Sound control housing for transportation fan

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