Customer Story: Robos GmbH & Co. KG

Okt 31 2019

Interesting article in the online-magazine "LabelPack" of our customer Robos GmbH & CO. KG in Kornwestheim about our joint extraction, cutting and recycling project together with cycle4green:


Awareness of the environment has sharpened in all areas. Also in the production of labels are waste, which can be processed as recycled material. Carrier paper of edge trim waste.

The carrier paper strips are sucked off directly during the cutting process on the machine and run through a pipe system through a shredder to the collecting container. The resulting snippets are filled directly into separate large boxes (CB-2000.1) and picked up by the recycling partner Cycle4Green. This processes the base paper waste into new products, which is ideal in terms of environmental aspects and enables a closed recycling cycle.

Recycling reduces the consumption of raw materials and thus CO2 emissions. Around 360,000 tonnes of base paper waste is produced in Europe every year in label production, 80% of which is currently being landfilled and around 16% thermally recycled. Robos has recycled more than 25 tonnes of paper edge trim waste within 12 months.

Consistent Environmental Management

Robos is also responsible for nature in other areas. This starts in the production with the conscientious selection of materials and ends in the administration with the consistent saving of paper. The electricity is 100% green and comes from EEG and TÜV certified facilities. Robos has complemented its management system since 2009 and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management. (Photo: Robos)

Here is the link to the original article in the "LabelPack" magazine:

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