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Main elements of a Cuttopress system:

  1. Cuttopipe MCM- and/or TCM-Modules (complete cutting modules)
  2. Main piping system
  3. Transportation fan
  4. Material separator incl. dust filter system for normal dust volume
  5. Collecting solution for the cut and extracted material:
    Compactor/press container or baler
  6. Air return system with air release inside the building
  7. Option: Professional dust filter system for high dust volume or special applications

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Benefits & Features

The Cuttopress product family is dedicated to extract and cut the waste from one single machine to a plenty of production machines centralized from the complete production site. There are a lot of different disposal solutions available (baler, press container/compactor, etc.).  

Possibility to integrate a material separation system for recycling processes afterwards.

  • High reduction of waste volume
  • Higher production speeds
  • Ability to cut different types of materials
  • Low operation costs
  • Low energy consumption thanks to energy-efficient radial ventilators
  • Increased cleanliness and tidiness in the factory thanks to the automatic extraction of all residual materials to a outside placed baler or compactor.
  • Reduction of labour costs through to the loss of manual waste handling by a certain person.
  • Reduction of container changes (costs) thanks to material cutting into small pieces
  • High availability / uptime
  • High throughput
  • Comfortable noise emission thanks to modern pipe silencers

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