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Product types & Benefits

The Cuttobag series constist of compact extraction systems, so-called "All-in-One" systems, for single machines and mid-size machine groups.

Every Cuttobag system can be equipped with an integrated material separation system for recycling processes afterwards.

  • Cuttobag CB-100 series
  • Cuttobag CB-1000 series

Options collection devices:

  • PE Bag
  • Big Bag
  • Octabine
  • Roll container/bin
  • Others


  • Cost-effective cutting and extraction systems
  • High availability / uptime
  • Reduction of waste volume thanks to integrated cutting modules
  • Low energy consumption thanks to energy-efficient radial ventilators
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extraction of the cut material through the radial ventilator
  • Partly mobile and moveable systems (CB-100 series)
  • Air return systems with certified filter elements
  • Comfortable noise emission thanks to modern pipe silencers
  • 24/7 operation through double big bag systems with alternatively manual or automatic change-over valves (CB-1000.2)

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